Mayor of Kingstown: Jeremy Renner Shares Filming Challenges

Jeremy Renner has to wake up his muscles and joints to film.

Mayor of Kingstown star Jeremy Renner revealed that he's faced some challenges filming the Paramount+ series after his snowmobile accident. In the immediate aftermath of the snowplow crisis, some medical professionals feared that Renner might never walk again. However, the Hawkeye actor has been doing intense physical therapy to get back to his routines. That would include finishing the latest season of Mayor of Kingstown. Renner said that he was falling asleep sometimes and having trouble keeping the joints loose in the winter air. But, as time went on, his body responded better. It's clear from his interview with Men's Health that recovery and rehabilitation is the first priority. The Paramount+ series is still important to him. But, there's a clear focus on being his best every day. Here's what the MCU star had to say.

"That's when the joints lock up a lot easier," he says. "I was pretty fucking fragile when we started on January 8. We're walking around on ice, and I have no energy. I was falling asleep. But I think it'll be the best season yet because of it. Don't get me wrong, Mike's still Mike—he's still the guy you want as your friend. But it's more emotional, because I'm more emotional."


Rener at the Hawkeye premiere.

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"Because, dude, the last thing I wanted to do—to be honest with you, I almost pulled shoot and doing this show—was fiction. Like, Oh wait, I don't give a shit about fiction! Bullshit words and bullshit stories and bullshit character. It's all bullshit. I gotta live in real reality here, because these bones and these joints—and I gotta go say fake lines and fake words and pretend to be . . . what? I got no time to fucking pretend, man! So here's how I shifted it, because I only have control of my perspective: I'm coming to Pittsburgh to recover in my body and get better every fucking day, and I'm gonna do this show on the side. Instead of it being the other way around."

Jeremy Renner Has Been Reflecting Since The Accident


Mayor of Kingstown is back for Season 3.

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It's been a long few years for all of us. But, especially for Jeremy Renner after all this physical therapy and multiple surgeries. Still, the Marvel actor has remained upbeat about the task ahead of him. Last year's New Year's celebration saw Renner appear on TV to talk about his recovery process and all that he's thankful for after such a harrowing ordeal. It's nice to hear such a balanced bit of perspective that maybe we can all carry with us.

"I think it's just I'm so blessed that I had so many things to live for, brother," Renner told the hosts. "I have a giant family. I have a 10-year-old daughter. I would have disappointed and really messed up a lot of people's lives if I would have passed, and so there's a lot for me to get better for."


Renner in his iconic role as Hawkeye.

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"I'm also a pretty stubborn S.O.B., you know? There's a lot for me to have to fight for, and recovery, for me, was just a one-way road in my mind and my recovery became relief for me because I knew I could give relief to my family, my daughter, and to all those that I really effected, like my poor nephew who was was there with me on that," he would continue. "I gave him images, you know, that he could never unsee, but I know that my healing would be healing for him, and with that, it's like, I never thought about my own physical ailments or my own pain or my own anguish."

"I had so many things to fight for, so the one-way road to recovery was a mental attitude, and that was to get better, and there was no option other than that. I still work hard every day, and I thank god that I have a lot to fight for, and I couldn't be more blessed to share my life with the depths of love from my family and how everybody supported me the last year," the Avenger concluded.

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