New 'Stranger Things' Video Showcases the Series' Cinematography

Production for the third season of Netflix's Stranger Things is well underway and to help get fans [...]

Production for the third season of Netflix's Stranger Things is well underway and to help get fans excited for the breakout hits' third outing, Netflix released a feature earlier today diving into the show's cinematography.

Primarily featuring commentary from Matt and Ross Duffer as well as Tom Ives, the show's Director of Photography, the feature takes a deep dive and covers how the crew gets the shots that end up in the final cut of the show.

The feature — which can be seen in its entirety above — also features Strangers Things executive producer/director Shawn Levy, who has previously said the upcoming season is the show's most ambitious yet.

"I can also tell you that it is by far the most ambitious season ever made, and I want to underline it: it is by far the most ambitious! We are on another level," Levy told Bad TV. "I can not go into the specific but as you saw the second season has become more cinematic, much more based on the characters than the first and this evolution will continue with the third. It will be the season with more action than all."

David Harbour — one of the show's fan-favorite cast members — echoed the sentiment in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I wish I could characterize the season, but to me it's so big," Harbour shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "For example, did you find last season to be darker? There were certainly elements of it that were scary, but I thought there was also a lot of fun, a lot of joy and a lot of silliness, with Steve being a dad and the kids as Ghostbusters. Just taking my story, for example, it's fun to see Hopper having adopted Eleven. She's become legitimized in the society, in the world of Hawkins. And he's a father now. He's raising a teenage daughter, with all that that entails. So I think that can be pretty funny to see his inadequacies in all of this."

Stranger Things season three is now filming.