Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Popular Mind Flayer Fan Theory

Stranger Things' third season ended with an absolute destruction of the series' status quo as nobody knows what to expect from Season Four. One popular theory has fans thinking that Eleven will be a major focus for the upcoming season, and not in a good way. Hopper is gone for the moment and some of the kids actually left Hawkins, Indiana, which completely changes the dynamics of the show. One of the major strands running throughout last season was the feeling that change is inevitable even when we try to run from it.

But, in the world of Millie Bobby Brown's character things will be different this time around aside from all of that. In the climactic moments of the previous season, it became clear that Eleven wouldn't be able to come in and fix everything. Fans saw that development and immediately jumped to a moment from that struggle at Starcourt Mall as a signpost for where things were headed. The Mind Flayer grabbed her, and actually got stuck on her leg. Now, people are postulating that the monster infected here and that will make her the secret villain going forward. Brown talked to Elle about that theory and a bunch of other things this week.

"I kind of like it! I'm into it. I wasn't playing it like that. We don't know what happens in season 4. I definitely don't," She answered. "In scenes after the Mind Flayer grabbed me, I wasn't playing it as I was infected. I was definitely playing it as normal as possible. And maybe that's the reason they didn't tell me. To make it as real as possible. I don't know. Those theories freak me out a bit. Because I'm like, "Oh god, that could genuinely be true." And what if she is the villain? That would be so cool. Wouldn't that be cool? I'd love to be the villain, but then I also wouldn't because Eleven is perfect. It would suck."

That lack of clarity has frustrated the fans as they have to wait, but also the stars themselves. Brown also voiced her disappointment with that timetable too. She talked about reading the script as well, and her response was probably similar to some of the comments online after the episode dropped.


She shared, "I was pissed! I read the script and I was like, 'What, how is this even possible? Why are they moving away?' They were like, 'Didn't you read episode three?' And I was like, 'Oh yeah.' Because Joyce said she wanted to move away from Hawkins. I don't know, I just felt really against it."

A longer goodbye looms, but hopefully some answers lie ahead for these poor kids. All three seasons of Stranger Things are streaming now on Netflix.