David Harbour On 'Stranger Things 3' Hints and the Stairwell Theory

Even though Stranger Things 2 just came out two months ago, fans are already eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Netflix show's third season.

Fan-favorite and Emmy-nominated actor David Harbour recently spoke with Variety about plans for new episodes, and though he was coy about revealing any new details, what he didn't say — or rather, what he couldn't say — was also pretty interesting.

"I have absolutely no idea, and also I’m not allowed to talk to you about anything. Because I’m always the person that gets in trouble," Harbour said. "But they haven’t told me anything. I think I’ll be in it though, that’s all I know."

When pressed with a possible explanation to the Season 1 finale flashback with his daughter and the familiar stairwell used again in the Hawkins Lab during Season 2, Harbour refused to give an answer.

"I’m not supposed to comment on that," Harbour said with a laugh. "I think [creators Matt and Ross Duffer] have a plan. There’s a lot of things coming, but I don’t know too much about that."

For those who don't know, when Sara Hopper died in the hospital in the Season 1 flashback, the sheriff retreated to the stairwell and began sobbing uncontrollably. In Season 2, Hopper finds Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) near death IN THE SAME STAIRWELL.

So that either means Sara was being treated at the Hawkins facility or the Duffers thought to use the same location thinking their rabid fanbase wouldn't gobble up the coincidence as a clue. We're tending to go with the latter.

Maybe we'll find out more about Sara's death and Hopper's seemingly mysterious connection to the shady government agency masquerading as the EPA.

Other than that, Harbour has some other things he'd like to see in Stranger Things 3. While he wants more scenes with Winona Ryder's Joyce Byers, Joe Keery's Steve Harrington, and Gatan Matarazzo's Dustin Henderson, he also wants to dive into Hopper's past.


"I want to get into the backstory of Hopper more. When Eleven goes into the basement, she sees a bunch of boxes, one of which says “Hawkins Lab.” “Dad.” “Vietnam.” “New York.” There’s a lot of story we can get into around Hopper’s time as a cop in New York, Hopper’s time in Vietnam. I would love to see more of that, but we have a ton of great characters, so I don’t know how much they’ll be able to do."

We'll see if Harbour's wish list gets addressed when Stranger Things finally returns.