'Summer Camp Island' First Look Footage Revealed by Cartoon Network

With just a a little while left to go before the premiere of Summer Camp Island, Cartoon Network's magical new animated series, the first clip from the debut episode has been officially released online.

The clip, which you can watch in the video above, shows the main characters, best friends Oscar and Hedgehog, arriving for their first day of summer camp. Everything about the camp seems pretty normal. Well, until the parents leave, that is.

As soon as the boat that dropped Oscar and Hedgehog is out of sight, the camp counselors transform into witches, and the entire camp begins to come alive. There is magic around every turn, with objects like rocks, trees, and even marshmallows turning out to be alive.

The clip ends with the head counselor giving a speech to all of the new attendees, and taking them to their cabins. The rest of the series will show the adventures of Oscar and Hedgehog as they navigate the mystical camp, dealing with transforming unicorns, portals to other dimensions, monsters living under their beds, and all sorts of other supernatural occurrences that they aren't quite prepared for.

Summer Camp Island comes from the mind of Cartoon Network's own Julia Pott, who served as a writer and animator on Adventure Time for quite a while before creating her own show. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the debut of Pott's new series since it was announced back in 2017.

The pilot for the series was initially shown at Sundance, SXSW, and various other festivals in 2017. The short episode featured the story of Oscar and Hedgehog preparing for s sleepover, and revealed that Oscar actually had a secret crush on his longtime best friend. Cartoon Network has since uploaded the pilot online, and you can watch it here.

Summer Camp Island's cast includes Justin Felbinger as Oscar, Ashley Boettcher as Hedgehog, Thomas Vaethroeder, Anna Strupinsky, Kathleen Wilhoite, and Judd Hirsch.


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Summer Camp Island is set to premiere on Cartoon Network this summer.