Supernatural is Getting an Official Cookbook

Supernatural fans know a thing or three about tasty treats. The hit series may be all about the family business of slaying scary monsters, but it also follows two brothers on a culinary adventure of sorts. Sam and Dean Winchester are pros when it comes to eating out, and they have discovered some favorite dishes over the years.

And now? Well, with the show coming to an end, some of its best dishes are coming to real life thanks to an upcoming cookbook. UPDATE: Pre-orders for the cookbook are live on Amazon with a 30% discount. Shipping is slated for November 5th.

Recently, a fan on Reddit spotted a book listing for an official Supernatural cookbook. Penned by Julie Tremaine and Jessica Torres, this collectible will let Supernatural die-hards enjoy the very food which the Winchester Bros eat on the daily.

Well. This is happening. New Supernatural cookbook. from r/Supernatural

You can read the book's current synopsis below:

"Whether you're a seasoned chef, beginner cook, or diner food enthusiast like the Winchester Brothers, Supernatural: The Official Cookbook brings a variety [of] both savory and sweet recipes from the show to life.

When they aren't keeping humanity safe from all kinds of otherworldly threats, Dean and Sam often take time to eat and device their next steps for hunting monsters at a small-town diner. This complete culinary guide features some of the brothers' favorites dishes such as Dean's breakfast Pigs 'N A Poke, Sam's salads, and, of course, pie!"

Currently, there is no set release date for the book, but it does have a price. The official cookbook is set to retail for about $30 USD, so fans can plan accordingly for the Supernatural collectible.

Of course, this book will come in handy as the hit series is planning to end this year. After well over a decade on air, Supernatural will end before the year is up, leaving fans with a pie-shaped hole in their hearts. However, in a recent interview, star Jensen Ackles (Dean) reassured fans the Winchester Bros would never stop adventuring with one another.

"I don't think so." Ackles told "I don't think these guys look in the past very often, unless it's to help moving forward. I think they will continue to move forward, but this is just it's a long journey that I don't think is ever going to be over. I think we're just going to go away for a while. How long, I don't know."


So, would you be willing to try out some of Supernatural's most famous recipes? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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