Teri Hatcher And Dean Cain Want a 'Lois & Clark' Revival

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain got together for Lois & Clark 25th anniversary panel on Friday at New York Comic Con, and they were not shy about their hopes for the show to return.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ran from 1993 to 1997. It offered a unique take on the Superman story, largely by putting Lois Lane at the forefront. Now, two and a half decades later, Hatcher and Cain believe that premise is still resonant, and they want to see the show return.

"Nowadays if you did that that would be progressive," Cain noted. "Lois drove all the episodes."

In the course of their main stage panel, the actors mentioned their reboot or revival ambitions several times, starting in the Q&A when one fan asked if they would be interested in reprising their Lois and Clark roles for an episode within the Arrowerse as an alternate timeline or universe.

"Of course," Hatcher said. "That would be amazing."

"I think it needs more than an episode," Cain chimed in. "I would love to see what Lois and Clark are up to [now]. The possibilities are endless."

Both actors had their thoughts on what their characters might have been up to in the years since the series ended. They essentially pitched their ideas for the a reboot to the crowd, noting that the couple had been left with a mysterious baby on their doorstep in the final episode.

"I could see the baby having been a Kryptonian child and they had to go back," Cain said. "I could see them having a couple of Krypto-Earth kids. … I think Lois Lane is probably mayor of Metropolis, running stuff. Clark is still pushing paper and pencil, chasing stories."

Hatcher's ideas were darker, and more fleshed out. She said that she had gone so far as to speak with people at DC and Warner Bros. about the possibility, but had found that the slate was too complicated with different versions of the characters on TV and in the movies. Still, she shared her thoughts with the crowd.

"I sort of imagined, what if they had had this kid?... And part of the way it worked was, the kid would start to have the powers, and Superman would not have had the powers, because they couldn't both have the powers," she said.

"And then I thought, maybe as the kid was getting older, like a late teenager, he's struggling to figure out what to do with his powers," she went on. "Maybe he's making bad choices, as teenagers do. And Superman would have to somehow get his powers back."


"And then I was mostly thinking about a marriage where you stay together, and the marriage dynamic was difficult. Like, where you didn't have your powers, and Lois was working, that that was emasculating and not great," Hatcher said. "Then, once the kid is out of the picture, Lois and Clark really have to figure out, 'should we stay married?' And then Lois has to help Clark get his powers back, so that he can help his son be a better person."

Cain praised Hatcher's ideas, and the crowd cheered for any prospect of a series revival. However, ultimately the actors both admitted that the chances look slim for now.