The Boys: Kevin Smith Says Antony Starr Deserves Emmy Nomination for Homelander

The first season of The Boys didn't quite break through for the Primetime Emmy awards, but season two managed to get nominated for two of the biggest prizes, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and even Outstanding Drama. Though it failed to win either, the series is clearly considered top-tier by Hollywood peers and even critics and audiences. With season three of the show almost complete the hope that even more Emmy love for the show will crop up is starting to gain steam online. Among the voices eager to see the show is Kevin Smith, who said on the record he wants to see Homelander actor Antony Starr take home Emmy gold.

"Everyone's like 'Herogasm!' but it's like f-cking this is the episode where like Homelander and Soldier Boy would go toe-to-toe and then f-cking Butcher jumps in and it becomes a three-way f-cking fight to a standstill essentially, where he gets chased off," Smith said on his FatMan Beyond podcast about episode 3.06 of the series. "What's that dude's name that actor? (Antony Starr) deserves an Emmy nomination at least, if not a f-cking win. Like an incredible performance not just like 'You love to hate him,' like J.R. Ewing but he's f-cking terrifying...It continues to be a a really cool show, very twisty tourney....It continues to be some of the best f-cking tv on tv that's not tv because it's Amazon."

He continued, later, noting: "But also give an Emmy to those writers man. I'm telling you right up there with the prime minister f-cking a pig on live television in that episode of Black Mirror, this f-cking Ant-Man walking through a guy's d-ck hole is like, you know the bar's just been raised kids. Nothing else is going to be the same after that it's like, how do you keep them down on the farm once they've been inside a guy's dick hole?' That was nuts."

The real cherry on top of Smith's comments is that this podcast was only referencing last week's episode of the hit series, meaning we'll have to wait a few more days to hear the writer/director's thoughts on the developments of the most recent one and its huge Homelander twist.


The first seven episodes of The Boys season three are now streaming, with just one left before the season concludes. Amazon Prime Video has already renewed the series for season four, with production starting later this year.