The Boys Production Designer Arv Grewal Passes Away

Arvinder "Arv" Grewal — the production designer behind The Boys and a frequent collaborator with Eric Kripke — passed away unexpectedly earlier this week. Kripke announced the news Friday afternoon on his Twitter profile. No immediate cause of death was available.

Grewal served as the production designer for the entirety of The Boys Season Two and was expected to begin work on the show's third season shortly. Grewal also worked with Kripke on the pilot episode of Timeless.

The production designer worked on nearly three-dozen productions throughout his career either as production designer or art director. His earliest credits came on Bruce McCullock's Dog Park in 1998 and of late, he had shifted gears towards television. In addition to credits on Timeless and The Boys, Grewal also served as the production designer on Alias Grace, Waco, and Genius.

"Sad news. Arv Grewal, production designer of The Boys & Timeless pilot, passed away unexpectedly this week," Kripke tweeted. "He was brilliant & a good friend & helped design everything from the time machine to The Boys whale. Just a huge loss. Sending love to his family. RIP."

When we spoke to The Boys VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet earlier this month, he attributed the massive whale scene to Grewal and the vendors he hired to create the massive practical set.


"With the whale, we had a lot of practical blood, and then as Eric has said on social media and stuff and in other interviews, they built this giant whale set that we didn't have to do very much work to. We added a little bit of wetness to it here and there, but it was real," Fleet said at the time.

He added, "We had a real set and I'm telling you when you're an actor or crew member or anybody and you go up and you see this real exploded whale set, it's different, man. It connects with you in a different way than if I would have just put up a green tennis ball, so it was still the right way to go. It's another reason why I love working on the show is we get to work with people and do things like that in that kind of way. It's just so cool."