The Boys Showrunner Details That Insane Scene With The Deep and His Gills

The Deep is no longer part of Vought Industries' The Seven, but that's not stopping the character from having a major role in The Boys as is continues through its sophomore outing. Fired from the group after sexually assaulting Starlight (Erin Moriarty) in the show's first season, The Deep is on a path of redemption as he tries to get back in the good graces of Vought.

Big spoilers follow for The Boys Season Two follow. Proceed with caution if you've yet to watch the first three episodes.

Still exiled from The Seven at the beginning of the show, The Deep finds himself in jail after an incident at a local waterpark. Before long, the character is bailed out of jail by Eagle the Archer, the show's version of Hawkeye or Green Arrow. The rescuer then convinces The Deep to join the Church of the Collective.

It's during a therapy with the Church where the hero goes on a psychedllic trip of sorts and begins talking to his gills — which then talk back, featuring the voice of Agents of SHIELD alum Patton Oswalt.

"I really love that scene. One of the things we do in this show that is so funny to me is we genuinely start with character," The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke recently told TVLine. "The gills were not the thing we first came up with. It was, 'Boy, we really need The Deep to really confront what a piece of s–t he is and why,' He’s sort of part of this new church, and he needs to kind of explore who is… We’ve known for a long time how much he hates himself, and he takes it out on women, and we just wanted to explore that."

Kripke added, "Honestly, the conversation just started there, and who could he talk to about this? Who knows his history? And then from there, [it] went to, 'Oh, he should, like, take drugs and maybe talk to himself' — I never know who pitches what in the room, this big group of brilliant people — and someone said, 'His gills should talk to him!' It was so good."


The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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