Simon Pegg Cast in 'The Boys'

When a TV series based on the comic series The Boys was announced, it seemed like a perfect fit for Simon Pegg, as the lead character was inspired by his image. Jack Quaid ultimately took on the role of Hughie, though Pegg appeared at New York Comic Con today and confirmed he would appear in the series as Hughie's dad.

Following the reveal at the panel, the Amazon series' official Twitter account shared the above image of the father and son.

Much like the ultimate version of Nick Fury being modeled after Samuel L. Jackson saw the actor play the part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans assumed it would be obvious that Pegg would play the character in the live-action adaptation. The main reason this idea never came to fruition is that Hughie in the comics is much younger than Pegg currently is.

"No, because I was never up for it," Pegg previously shared with ComicBookMovie of the potential of him playing the character. "I mean, I played Hughie in the comics [as] Darick Robinson drew me as Hughie but [he's] in his early 20s so I was never going to play Hughie [Laughs]. I was never eligible to play Hughie. I'm really happy that Jack Quaid got the role because I think Jack's a brilliant actor and I can't wait to see what they do with the adaptation of it."

In addition to the age difference preventing Pegg from embracing the role, the actor also claimed that he felt he wasn't the best fit for the part. However, he still appreciates that he inadvertently played the character already, thanks to series artist Robinson.

"I never expected to get the call to play Hughie just because I'm not right for the part," Pegg admitted about the role. "It's a fantastic book and Karl Urban is going to be great as Butcher so it's exciting to get to sit back and watch it. I'm very honored I was immortalized as a comic book character as well. I never asked to be but Darick just did it for sh-ts and giggles and I was kind of super chuffed!"

The Boys will debut sometime in 2019.


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