The Flash Season 6 Is Now on Netflix

The sixth season of The CW's The Flash took fans of the Arrowverse series on quite a wild ride. [...]

The sixth season of The CW's The Flash took fans of the Arrowverse series on quite a wild ride. With the fresh approach of a season divided into two "graphic novels", The Flash saw Barry Allen's Scarlet Speedster and his allies face new, terrifying foes each of which tested the team in ways they've never been tested before. On top of that, the series also saw the Multiverse-shattering "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover finally deliver on the threat of those deadly red skies that have been part of the show's lore since its series premiere. But if you've been waiting for the show's latest season to hit Netflix so that you can binge all the wild events, you're in luck. As of today, Season 6 of The Flash is now available to stream on Netflix.

"We're going to divide [the season] up into graphic novels," showrunner Eric Wallace explained at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, clarifying that another villain will be the focus when the show picks up after "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

"The emotional journey that the big bad is on mirrors the emotional journey that Barry Allen must face going into season 6," Wallace further explained. "The big bad this season, if we can do our jobs right, will be the most personal villain the Flash has ever faced emotionally since Eobard Thawne. Because this year's big bad is facing kind of the same circumstances Barry Allen is going through, it's going to bring them closer together in a darker way than villains that perhaps we've seen in the last few seasons."

The sixth season of The Flash also saw the show encounter something unexpected in terms of its production. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production on the series was shut down before completion of the season, resulting in a shortened season that left the series with a major cliffhanger.

"Ironically, I'm relieved," showrunner Eric Wallace recently told about the shortened sixth season. "I'll tell you why. When I break the seasons of The Flash, each graphic novel is broken down like a movie, what I think of as my master plan. So, like a good movie, it has an act one, act two, and an act three. Well, the end of this season, because of production stopping, will be the end of act two of our movie, which is a perfect point to break your story because there's a huge cliffhanger and there's a hero at his lowest point, but yet now you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."

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