The Flash Showrunner Confirms Series Finale Doesn't Wrap Up Arrowverse

The Flash will finally come to a close next week, airing its series finale after nine seasons on The CW. In the years since The Flash's 2014 debut, it has become a crown jewel of the network's Arrowverse of shows — especially the network's other DC shows have either ended or confirmed they take place in another universe. While there's no telling exactly what the future holds for the Arrowverse (especially after the long-gestating Arrow spinoff Justice U was officially scrapped this week), The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace sounds optimistic about the franchise's future. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wallace revealed that he didn't write The Flash's series finale to end the Arrowverse overall.

"I still am hopeful that the Arrowverse is not over," Wallace explainedd. "I've approached it as The Flash is over and I want to make the best Flash series finale as possible. On the other side, of course, there's no Batwoman. There's no Legends. There's no Black Lightning. There's no Arrow or Supergirl. It is very strange. All of the shows that were on Earth-Prime, they're all going away. So what does that mean? I don't know."

"I've wrapped up a lot of things in the series finale, and it ends on a very hopeful note that shows you how the future of the Arrowverse could continue in some way, shape, or form," Wallace continued. "It hopefully gives people closure, but also some hope for the future, because otherwise it's very sad to think that there's no more crossovers, that there won't be an Arrowverse after May 24. That saddens me because I love it so much, and it was such a big part of not just my life, but a whole fan base's life."

What is The Flash series finale about?

"THE FINAL RUN – The Flash (Grant Gustin), the fastest man alive, is tasked with his greatest challenge yet, to save the timeline and save existence. Friends old and new gather for an epic battle to save Central City, one last time. The episode was written by Eric Wallace & Sam Chalsen and directed by Vanessa Parise."

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The Flash's final season airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.