Warner Bros. Rebooting The Flintstones with Elizabeth Banks Producing

Elizabeth Banks’ Brownstone Productions will team with Warner Bros. Animation for a new spin on The Flintstones, described as a “primetime animated adult comedy series,” Variety reports.

Variety adds the series is based on an original idea featuring characters from the beloved Hanna-Barbera animated sitcom. No network is attached and the project is in early development.

The original Flintstones famously followed the Stone Age-set misadventures of family man Fred Flintstone and best friend Barney Rubble, running for more than 166 episodes across six seasons on ABC.

Two spinoffs, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show and The New Fred and Barney Show, followed. Other animated franchise installments included The Flintstone Comedy Hour, The Flintstone Comedy Show and The Flintstone Kids, as well as theatrical animated film The Man Called Flintstone and a slew of television specials and films.

Banks’ Brownstone previously backed the Pitch Perfect trilogy for Universal Pictures and Sony’s coming Charlie’s Angels reboot, written and directed by Banks. The filmmaker and her company recently re-upped an overall deal with Warner Bros. Television, which owns Cartoon Network and Boomerang, both channels which have aired episodes of The Flintstones and its spinoffs.

The newest iteration of The Flintstones could land at WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming platform, HBO Max, where Warner Bros. Animation will unleash its animated Gremlins prequel series.


Family Guy and The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane attempted to reboot The Flintstones for the Fox network in 2011, but then-Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly “liked” but “didn’t love” the project. Reilly wanted MacFarlane to rework the project, but it was ultimately scrapped in part due to MacFarlane’s busy schedule.

In 2017, MacFarlane said in a 2017 Reddit Q&A the project was “probably not” going to move forward. “Honestly I couldn’t figure out a way to find enough differentiation between a modern-day Fred Flintstone and... Peter Griffin,” MacFarlane wrote.

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