The Magicians' Stella Maeve and Deadly Class Star Benjamin Wadsworth Welcome Their First Child

The Magicians star Stella Maeve gave birth to a baby girl this week, according to social media posts by her partner, Deadly Class star Benjamin Wadsworth. The pair, who were engaged in May, have kept photos, and the baby's name under wraps, with Wadsworth sharing a cheeky photo of himself with the baby -- its face covered by a large "baby" emoji -- on his Instagram story. Maeve, for her part, has been mostly social media quiet, although a few posts about The Magicians, which had a major episode air this week, have made their way out since she has been in the hospital.

The pair met at Comic Con International in San Diego in 2018, while they were each promoting their own Syfy series. Wadsworth previously said that a mutual friend and introduced them, and that for a while after that, he kept noticing that Maeve was making eye contact, and eventually decided to talk to her. It wasn't long after they made their relationship public that the engagement and then the pregnancy announcements both came out.

"I'd love to work on a comic book property again," Wadsworth told recently, adding that it's unlikely he would end up on one of the shows that film near Deadly Class and The Magicians sets in Vancouver. "I love the comic book world, I love the comic book fans, but Stella and right now are just looking for places inside the States. She's been in Vancouver for the last five years and we really dislike the cold and we really miss our home. We just bought a house in LA, so we're ready to be back there and hopefully try to find some work in the US."

(Photo: Benjamin Wadsworth (Instagram))

Based on Lev Grossman's best-selling books, The Magicians ended its fourth season with a dramatic status quo change for the show's core group of characters with the death of its arguably central character, Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph). The fifth season just began on January 15.

Deadly Class also ended its season with the death of a major character back in March, leaving its first season with a serious cliffhanger for fans to chew on. The series was unfortunately cancelled after that, leaving the cliffhanger unresolved (unless you go read the comics).


"It's appropriate," Wadsworth said told me of the series' end. "It's a big f--k you to everyone, including itself, and that's just in the veins of the show. It was just that punk."

Congratulations to Maeve and Wadsworth!