The Simpsons Producer Breaks Down David Harbour's Role in Season 32 Premiere

The highly-anticipated 32nd season of The Simpsons is set to arrive on FOX this weekend, and the series is returning to the screen with a pretty exciting guest star on the bill. David Harbour, star of Stranger Things and Marvel's Black Widow, will be joining the cast in the Season 32 premiere. The particulars of Harbour's role weren't previously known, but longtime producer Michael Price peeled back the curtain a bit and confirmed that the beloved actor will be playing a disguised version of Mister Burns in the next episode of the series.

During an interview with CBR, Price explained that the Season 32 premiere of The Simpsons will feature a storyline in which Mister Burns goes undercover with a high-tech costume that changes his voice in addition to hiding his appearance. Harbour will be providing the voice for the costumed version of Mister Burns.

"The season opener is one I had a big hand in with the original writer and then we always do a big rewrite on it; I was really involved with that rewrite," Price explained. "And the guest star is David Harbour from Stranger Things in this kind of Jekyll & Hyde story when Mister Burns goes undercover kind of like Undercover Boss, he does it with a high-tech costume. Part of the costume is a voice changer and the new voice in Mister Burns' costume is David Harbour and I got a chance to direct him via satellite while he was making a movie in London. He was hilarious and great in the season opener for The Simpsons."

This appearance comes on the heels of Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett appearing in the Season 31 finale of The Simpsons.

Seasons 1-30 of The Simpsons were made available to stream commercial-free on Disney+ when the service launched last year. The service has already announced that Season 31 will be added to its lineup in October, allowing fans to catch up on everything but the current season.


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The Simpsons returns to Fox for its 32nd on Sunday, September 27th at 8 pm ET.