"No Goodbyes" in The Walking Dead: World Beyond's Penultimate Episode Trailer

Warning: this story contains spoilers for Sunday's The Walking Dead: World Beyond, "Returning Point." Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes (Pollyanna McIntosh) is gunning for the Bennetts in the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In "Death and the Dead," sisters Iris (Aliyah Royale) and Hope (Alexa Mansour) continue their escape attempt from the Civic Republic Research Facility by leading a revolt against the Civic Republic Military. With Dennis' (Maximilian Osinski) life hanging in the balance after the attempted elimination of Elton (Nicolas Cantu) and allies at The Perimeter, things escalate as Jadis carries out the final stages of the CRM's planned bioweapon attack on Portland

Watch the trailer for "Death and the Dead," streaming now on AMC+ ahead of a November 28 airing on AMC. 

"It just really ramps up," McIntosh told ComicBook about the upcoming final two episodes of World Beyond. "And I think I really enjoyed watching them. I think that people are going to have a really good time with it. I think it respects these characters we've grown to love on this show, and I get to have all sorts of fun."

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As the CRRF rebellion goes to war with Jadis and the CRM, culminating in an epic clash in the series finale "The Last Light," there's "a lot of excitement, a lot of ramping up," the Jadis actor teased. "And more relationships, which is a delight to watch as well."

"Death and the Dead" premieres November 28 on AMC, followed by the series finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond on December 5. 

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