The Wiggles Singer Greg Page Hospitalized After Collapsing Due to Medical Incident During Concert

A Wiggles concert in Australia took an upsetting turn this week when the group's lead singer, Greg Page, collapsed during a show in Sydney. According to CNN, the popular children's band was performing a benefit relief concert for the brushfires that are currently devastating the country. "At the end of the show this evening there was a medical incident off stage involving Page. Medics were called immediately and he was taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment," The Wiggles wrote on Twitter.

Currently, there are no further details about the incident that caused Page, who is also known as the yellow Wiggle, to collapse. According to the report, the Wiggles first got together in 1991, but a new line-up of performers was put together back in 2013. This benefit concert was the first time all of the original Wiggles have performed together in years. Many people took to Twitter to wish Page a speedy recovery.

“Praying for Greg and his family. Hope he makes a successful recovery,” @brodster64_yt wrote.

“Many prayers from South Carolina, USA. Our family has handed down The Wiggles since 2003. My brother’s children saw a Wiggles Concert 3 times. Now my wife 3 children and I have seen the Wiggles twice. We hope for a speedy recovery,” @mJuddwarren added.

“My 14 year old son met the legend Greg last week at the Elvis festival and told him ‘you got me into music’ 💓❤️ love and strength and endless admiration,” @sarahvmac replied.

Here's the original tweet:

Many celebrities have been trying to bring awareness to the wildfires in Australia. Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth, who hails from Australia, donated one million dollars to the cause.

Those interested in helping donate to those fighting the brush fires on the frontlines can go to the link provided by Hemsworth and his team here.

Australia has increasingly been used to house various productions from Marvel Studios. It served as the production home for Thor: Ragnarok, as Hemsworth is from Australia and director Taika Waititi is from neighboring New Zealand. It will also host the principal photography for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, set to begin production any day now.


"[Marvel Studios is] thrilled to be returning to Australia to work with the talented and highly skilled Australian crew, stunt performers and actors, together with the thousands of small businesses across Australia that supply world class equipment, goods, facilities and services to large budget productions," Marvel Studios vice president David Grant told the Sydney Morning Herald last year.

We wish a speedy recovery to Greg Page!