Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Are Doing An Animated Series Set in Space

The two guys behind The Room are coming together again for an animated sci-fi webseries that will play off all those years of jokes about Tommy Wiseau seeming like he might be from outer space. Available now as a pilot you can watch on YouTube, SpaceWorld is a loosely serialized animated sci-fi series starring Earth's most unpredictable cult filmmaking duo, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero (The Room, The Disaster Artist).

Wiseau stars as the mysterious bounty hunter known as TX, a man in search of his home planet, which he knows absolutely nothing about. Sestero's Drogol is TX's lifelong nemesis and SpaceWorld's most bloodthirsty killer. Together, they explore and explode SpaceWorld's vast but dingy universe of limitless possibilities, technologies, and stupidities.

Per the official release for the film, which describes the show as Star Wars meets The Room, "This is the kind of show that happens when sci-fi takes down its hair, kicks off its boots, and lets itself be straight-up dumb."

That is a pretty comfortable space for Sestero, who has done plenty of B-movie work in his career but is best known for his work on The Room, a film written, directed, produced by and starring Wiseau. That film, one of the most notoriously so-bad-it's-good films ever made, had a stressful production period, documented in Sestero's memoir of the production, The Disaster Artist.


Starring Tommy Wiseau (TX), Greg Sestero (Drogol), Georgia Smith (Worfus), Brock LaBorde (Computer Person), Akul Dang (Sherbert Brown) and Mikey Felton (Bleebee), created by Brock LaBorde and distributed by Octopie.