Two Sentence Horror Stories Season 2 Gets Teaser and Episode Details

The popularity of two-sentence horror stories on social media comes from the limitless potential of unsettling imagery that can be concocted from minimal prompting, which is exactly what The CW's Two Sentence Horror Stories aims to do with each episode, as evidenced by the above promo for the upcoming season of the series. The first episodes of the series debuted on the network's digital platform CW Seed, but was since moved over to the proper network, with last fall seeing the announcement that it had been renewed for a third season. Check out a new promo for the upcoming season of Two Sentence Horror Stories above and learn more about the new episodes below before it returns to The CW on Tuesday, January 12th.

The first two episodes will be airing back to back and are described:

“Bag Man” – (8 - 8:30 p.m. ET)

  • I KNEW I’D NEVER FIT IN, NO MATTER HOW HARD I WAS PUSHED – Five high school seniors in their first detention find themselves falling prey to a terrifying monster. Bzhaun Rhoden, Doralynn Mui, Keeya King, Rob Labelle, Hunter Dillon, MJ Kokolis, and Roy Campsall star. Kimani Ray Smith directed the episode written by Vera Miao and Leon Hendrix III.

“Elliot” – (8:30 - 9 p.m. ET)

  • I MET A FRIEND WHO CAN TURN PAIN INTO POWER – A transmasculine student endures merciless bullying in his high school until a mysterious janitor offers the teen a way to take care of his bullies once and for all. James Goldman, Janet Kidder, David Lewis, Elise Shak, Eliza Faria, Edwin Perez, Ella Dixon, Micah Solis, Robyn Daye Edwards, Ethan Hippel, and Jhomar Suyom star. Chase Joynt directed the episode written by Stephanie Adams-Santos.

Each episode of the series follows the same format, which opens with the first sentence of a story, followed by an unsettling adventure, concluding with the second sentence. This structure makes for not only an exciting format, but also allows for all manner of mayhem to unfold in each self-contained episode. The stories first became popular on social media, as their digestible nature allowed fans to consume countless stories, ultimately inspiring them to share terrifying tales of their own.


Creator of The CW series Vera Miao previously detailed that what makes stories that spread across the internet is how they're the new evolution of folklore.

"I hope that we're always able to accomplish great spooky stories in whatever format," Miao shared with "What I really liked about these crowdsourced stories, I guess, like both the two-sentence horror stories and the creepypasta stuff that you're talking about is that it's, again, I don't want to make everything sound wholesome, but it's just this great sense of community where you really feel how many folks take delight in these kinds of stories and this collaborative collective process of sharing creativity and what we love."

Check out the Season Two premiere of Two Sentence Horror Stories on Tuesday, January 12th.

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