Two Sentence Horror Stories Renewed for Season 3 at The CW

The world of the internet and creepy, viral horror stories united with The CW's Two Sentence [...]

The world of the internet and creepy, viral horror stories united with The CW's Two Sentence Horror Stories, with the network confirming that they were renewing the anthology series for a third season, per Deadline. This news comes ahead of the premiere of the second season, which was initially slated for this fall but has since been pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The concept was previously explored as 2SH on the go90 app, which was then incorporated into the CW Seed platform, before ultimately being adapted into a recurring series that aired on The CW last summer.

Each episode of the series follows the same format, which opens with the first sentence of a story, followed by an unsettling adventure, concluding with the second sentence. This structure makes for not only an exciting format, but also allows for all manner of mayhem to unfold in each self-contained episode. The stories first became popular on social media, as their digestible nature allowed fans to consume countless stories, ultimately inspiring them to share terrifying tales of their own.

Two Sentence Horror Stories isn't the only recent TV series to draw inspiration from viral horror stories, as SYFY delivered audiences four seasons of Channel Zero, all of which were inspired by viral "creepypasta" tales. Creator of The CW series Vera Miao previously detailed that what makes stories that spread across the internet is how they're the new evolution of folklore.

"I hope that we're always able to accomplish great spooky stories in whatever format," Miao shared with "What I really liked about these crowdsourced stories, I guess, like both the two-sentence horror stories and the creepypasta stuff that you're talking about is that it's, again, I don't want to make everything sound wholesome, but it's just this great sense of community where you really feel how many folks take delight in these kinds of stories and this collaborative collective process of sharing creativity and what we love."

She added. "I think I say it's as if we're sitting around a campfire because that's what it felt like, which absolutely was not what the actual experience was. I'm sitting at my computer by myself. But there was an instant feeling of connection with other folks who just seem to take delight, and a little bit of pleasure, and a lot of joy out of telling each other stories. And I think at the end of the day, I'm a storyteller. And that kind of intrinsic delight [of telling stories], not for any purpose, not to make something or get established, or make your name, or say you're a writer. It's just people sitting around telling stories to each other. And with horror and these supernatural, spooky tales, that's a present. So I think that's probably the draw, at least for me."

Stay tuned for details on Two Sentence Horror Stories.

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