Paul Bettany Says “You Never Know” About Marvel Return After WandaVision

What is Marvel, if not keeping secrets? Paul Bettany says 'you never know' about a return to the [...]

What is Marvel, if not keeping secrets? Paul Bettany says "you never know" about a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after WandaVision, which ends with his android Avenger again saying goodbye to his love Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Recreated by a grieving Wanda after his double death in Avengers: Infinity War, the Vision who returns inside a sitcom on WandaVision is a "memory made real" by the burgeoning chaos magic of the Scarlet Witch. When Wanda finally undoes the Hex over a spellbound suburb of New Jersey, she tearfully erases the reality of married life with Vis and their twin sons Tommy (Jett Kylne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard).

"It was a beautiful culmination for all these things Lizzie and I have done together," Bettany told Deadline about the Emmy-nominated WandaVision, the latest in his Marvel run that started in 2008's Iron Man before carrying through Avengers. "We really found a lane for ourselves, and this was different in tone from those movies. But you never know with Marvel, whether you're done, or not. So I don't want to call it the end yet."

Inspired by decades of classic sitcoms, WandaVision "was one of the most creative experiences of my life, joyful and free, making this show," added Bettany. "To see it embraced by an audience the way it was, was so wonderful."

In "The Series Finale," the recreated Vision battles the White Vision (also played by Bettany), a S.W.O.R.D.-rebuilt version of the synthezoid last seen flying away to parts unknown — indicating he will return someday, somewhere, in the vast MCU.

"I have been a voice with no body. A body, but not human," the recreated Vision tells his wife in the WandaVision finale, "and now, a memory made real. Who knows what I might be next?" Because they've said goodbye before, Wanda finishes his sentence: "We'll say hello again."

But that next "hello" depends upon contract renegotiations. Bettany said in June that he does not have a new contract with Marvel Studios, telling The Playlist: "I guess it would be difficult to introduce White Vision and not deal with him in some way, but we have not discussed that."

All nine episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.

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