WandaVision Fans Creates Perfect Remix, Cover of Agatha's Theme Song

Last week's episode of WandaVision gave fans something that they've been waiting for with the reveal that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) hasn't exactly been operating all on her own in Westview. The episode, "Breaking the Fourth Wall", revealed that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is actually Agatha Harkness and has been pulling the strings all along. In fact, Agatha even got her own theme song stating just that, a catchy tune titled "Agatha All Along". The song became an instant hit with fans and now some of those creative fans have put together some perfect remix versions in various music genres, including both trap/hip hop and rock.

On social media, musician Leland Philpot shared his trap/hip hop remix of "Agatha All Along", offering an impressive -- and somehow even catchier -- bass-forward version of Agatha's earworm of a theme song. You can check that one out for yourself below.

But if trap/hip hop remixes aren't your thing, there are some other takes out there as well, including a rock cover by musician Timmy Sean that even has a slick, stylized video giving us some Scooby Doo-style vibes -- though it does cleverly change up the "and I killed Sparky too" line to something every fan who has been dying for the series to introduce the Fantastic Four can relate to. Sean's version asks "where's Reed Richards?" Check that one out for yourself below.

The reveal that Agnes was really Agatha Harkness wasn't much of a surprise for fans of the series, who have been speculating since even before the series premiered that Agnes was really the classic comic book witch with some major ties to Wanda. However, while things right now make it seem like Agatha is a Big Bad, Olsen has previously teased that the character is the right person at the right time in Wanda's life.

"Female actors don't get to work with female actors that often, like a lot of men do, but women don't really get that opportunity," Olsen said of working with Hahn as well as Teyonah Parris, who plays Monica Rambeau. "So, that in its own right was just so much fun, but then also for her to have, especially through the sitcom eras, for her to have her [with] girls and her alliances is really important, her trying to navigate this fitting in of this new neighborhood."

She added, "And I think the relationship with Kathryn's character, specifically, becomes one that's very needed for her."

Villain or not, Agatha does have a pretty catchy theme song and these covers just make it all the more fun.


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