WandaVision Commercials May Represent The Infinity Stones

WandaVision is a series very much about the grief and trauma involved with its main characters. Throughout her life, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) has gone through one traumatic experience after another, and it's led directly to where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now — she's making her own reality and using the citizens of Westview as her own puppets.

That's why it makes sense for the series to involve the Infinity Stones one way or another. Obviously, they won't be back in the flesh by any stretch of the imagination, but there might be a way the series is addressing the cosmic MacGuffins — and it comes in the form of those product ads we've gotten so far. To date, we've gotten four commercials that seemingly tie into four separate Infinity Stones, so let's start off at the beginning.

Episode One has a toaster made by Stark Industries, and despite the entire commercial (and episode, for that matter) being in black and white, the light blinking on the toaster is in color. Vision is oftentimes called a toaster in the Marvel Comics lore, including a major meme moment in Tom King and Gabriel Walta's beloved run.

Jump forward an episode, and the commercial is for a series of watches, easily enough compared to the Time Stone, no? Then there's Episode Three, where they introduce a new bath powder called Hydra Soak. If you look closely enough, the box is a blue cube — almost identical to the Tesseract that houses the Space Stone.

Episode Four was the first episode in the series without an advert before they returned in Episode Five. There, Lagos Paper Towels are introduced — normal paper products in and of themselves. As the commercial shows, however, the paper towels are used to clean up red liquid, something one could say resembles the Aether seen in Thor: The Dark World. You know, the Reality Stone.

That means with four episodes left, we'd need at least two commercials to dedicate towards the Soul Stone and Power Stone for our theory to prove correct. What are the odds?

The first five episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.


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