WandaVision Finale Features An Adorable Incredibles Callback

The Incredibles got a quaint little callback during the finale of WandaVision. In episode 9, the [...]

The Incredibles got a quaint little callback during the finale of WandaVision. In episode 9, the entire Maximoff-Vision family squares up with the combined forces of White Vision, Agatha Harkness, and the military. Billy and Tommy got their own superhero moment alongside their parents. They all section things off for individual showdowns with Dad taking on his doppelgänger, mom handling the Wicked Witch of the West, and the kids handling the military forces at play. All of them posing together and the witty banter between each other will be instantly recognizable to fans of the Pixar series. One of the moments that got audiences out of their seats during the theatrical run is when the entire family got to help out with their fight against the robot near the climax. Vision even makes a quip about how "Your mother and I never prepared you for this moment."

Before the reveal of the finale, showrunner Jac Schaeffer expressed the hope that fans could love the show on its own merits in a conversation with Deseret News. Some may have come in wanting the moon and the stars, but all they were concerned with was making a good program.

"You can come up with a cool concept — lots of people can come up with cool concepts," she said. "Sticking the landing is the thing that everything is judged on — how it ends up. I stand by where the show goes, and I'm very proud of my team and so impressed and in awe of all of the collaborators on this enormous show. And it's my hope that the fanbase feels the same excitement and emotional response that we all had in making it.

"There were definitely things that I liked. There wasn't anything that I was like, 'I'm gonna walk off this project because you won't do this' — like nothing was ever like that intense," Schaeffer added. "There are certainly things that I wish we had tried, but I do think all of those things that fall into that category are things that fell by the wayside in an effort to strengthen a cohesive story. The series itself is such an enormous swing. So, whatever weirder (things) that I wanted to do — I think we sort of nailed it with being an odd duck"

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