WandaVision: Scarlet Witch and Vision Fuse Together in Bonkers Fan Art

Now that we know WandaVision will finally be released in January, fans can expect a traditional Disney marketing plan unfurl in the coming weeks, one chock-full of teasers, still photo releases, and an onslaught of merchandising and apparel. The announcement of a release date has also managed to renew excitement amongst those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom, especially in light of having a year-long break in content from Marvel Studios. The buzz has already resulted in a handful of insane pieces of fan art from Instagram's leading artists, though one piece, in particular, stands out among the rest.

Shared Sunday morning by fan art extraordinaire @spdrmnkyxxiii, the piece combines both Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) into one being. The end result...well, it's got the same spooky vibes we've gotten from the off-kilter teaser trailer. See it for yourself below.

In fact, the fan art fits perfectly in-line with Bettany's assessment of the series from earlier in the year when he called it "f-cking bonkers."

"Yes, I'm back for WandaVision... I am such an admirer of Kevin Feige, he has taken such a risk with the show, and the concept of this show," Bettany said in an interview earlier this year. "It's beautifully written by and her staff of writers - and it is f*cking bonkers. I mean it's so out there and nuts, the choices that they are making. And fans will not have to wait that much longer... they'll much more of an insight, very, very, soon as to what it may look and feel like."

The series finally wrapped additional post-quarantine photography earlier this month, and the show is officially off to post-production for the better part of two months. Coincidentally enough, the production held a traditional wrap party way back in March as it neared the end of the production. Before they could finish, however, new COVID-related shutdowns fell into effect and the cast and crew had to temporarily disband over the spring and summer months.


New episodes of WandaVision hit Disney+ starting January 15th.

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