WandaVision: Same Time & Space?

We're only three weeks (and four episodes) into WandaVision and the internet is abuzz with [...]

We're only three weeks (and four episodes) into WandaVision and the internet is abuzz with discourse surrounding the mysteries the series delivers on schedule each and every week. Now the show's fourth episode — "We Interrupt This Program" — has been released, fans of the show have gotten a vastly different look at the series as it moves forward. For the first time in the series, viewers managed to secure a look at the universe outside of WandaWorld, and it introduced a whole new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with SWORD.

In turn, the series brought back Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), the FBI agent helping lead the charge on investigating what's going on with the reality-warping shenanigans. As such, the beloved character quickly began to ask the questions like — "Is Vision alive?," while expressing curiosity on whether or not WandaWorld is in the same time and space as the rest of the MCU. Here, we're going to dive into the last question, because it does beg for an answer.

Throughout all four episodes released so far, hexagons have become a recurring Easter egg. It's been such a prominent occurrence, it was Woo's first question on his whiteboard. Interestingly enough, one other MCU tidbit instantly leaps to mind when you think of hexagons.

Thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, we know "jump points" in space also take on the appearance of the six-sided polygon. Part of the Universal Neural Teleportation Network, jump points allow cosmic travelers to go from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible — it's essentially the MCU's version of lightspeed.

Because of that, the question should be asked — could Westview itself actually be one of these jump points? Like we saw in Episode Four, once Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) stuck her hand through the wall, it instantly sucked her through. Better yet, she disappeared completely from sight, even though the physical town of Westview could be still be seen through the wall.

It'd be a different use of the cosmic device than what we've seen before and interestingly enough, the visual effects assets of the jump points are similar enough to what we've seen of the wall so far.

Should Westview actually by a jump point of itself, where would Wanda's version of the city be taking place?

Long before the series debuted, we speculated WandaWorld is actually a reality within Wanda's own person — in her consciousness. Should that be the case, such an over-the-top comic book-like plot device would need to make it easier to understand in live-action. That's why the wall could be a jump point into Wanda's soul.

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