WandaVision Episode 8 Reveals the Sinister Truth About SWORD and Vision

Over the course of the first seven episodes of WandaVision, it has been made clear that Tyler Hayward, acting director of SWORD, isn't all that great of a guy. Even if he was at one point in the past, he hasn't been someone you want to root for throughout WandaVision. In addition to being misogynistic and belittling every chance he gets, Hayward is dead set on taking out Wanda and getting back the body of Vision that she apparently stole, as he sees the fallen Avenger as the government's expensive weapon. Well, in the eighth episode of the series, we learn that the truth behind Hayward and SWORD's mysterious Cataract project is even more sinister than anyone realized.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the penultimate episode of WandaVision! Continue reading at your own risk...

The entire eighth episode of WandaVision features Agatha taking Wanda on a journey through her past traumas. This includes seeing Vision's body, dismantled on a table in SWORD headquarters. Earlier in the season, everyone was told that Wanda stole Vision's body, but that isn't actually true. She saw the body and left. Hayward has had it this whole time.

Hayward hasn't been trying to get Vision's body back from Wanda. He's been trying to figure out how Wanda recreated Vision so he could bring the body back online and use it as a weapon.

Unfortunately, in the post-credits scene of this week's episode, we learn that Hayward succeeded in his mission. When SWORD tried to take out Wanda with its drone, she tossed the machine back at them outside of the Hex. If you recall, that drone had a red glow around it, as it had been covered in Wanda's magic from its time inside. That was actually an important detail.

Hayward used that magic to resurrect Vision's body, though it returned without all of its color. The credits scene revealed the birth of White Vision, who will be used as a weapon against Wanda.


There's no telling what happens from here, but the addition of White Vision does seemingly open up the doors for Paul Bettany to return to the MCU in a future project. It may not be necessary, but there is now a way for a version of his character to live on.

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