Watchmen Star Shares Awesome Doctor Manhattan Behind-the-Scenes Pic

One of Watchmen’s biggest stars posted a behind-the-scenes throwback picture on social media that has fans obsessing. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II sauntered into the hearts of the viewers on HBO as Cal Abar. But, near the end of the series, when he’s revealed as Dr. Manhattan, it was all that people could talk about. Well, the blue man posted a picture of himself in full makeup before heading on camera. Abdul-Mateen is showing off plenty of thigh and chest in the picture on Twitter and the fans seem satisfied. In the episode that focuses on his journey up until that point in the series, a lot of people were posting screengrabs of the actor in the buff, so the love for his physique is not exactly a surprise. However, in recent comments, the star said the role was a dream for him.

“Damon [Lindelof] brought me in his office and revealed that to me, and of course, I had the moment of disbelief and excitement, and things like that,” Abdul-Mateen told Deadline. “But then I was very, very excited about the opportunity to transform it and make it a different character. I get up to Episode 6 and I’m working on my version of Doctor Manhattan, saying, ‘Wow, I get to play two different characters.’”

He added, “So, this job, for me, was really an actor’s dream. I got to do a lot of character work. I got to do work that was rooted in very important history, but I got to do physical work; I got to do vocal work, and really challenge myself to test my limits, so that I could show as much variety as the story required, and that was really an actor’s gift for myself, to be able to flex those muscles a bit.”

Abdul-Mateen II also told GQ Middle East about how entertainment can offer an opportunity to expand conversations surrounding racism and inequality.


"Some people turn the channel saying they're not watching our f---ing show," he shared. "I may not have access to the demographic who choose to see something like our version of Watchmen and unfollow me on Instagram because they don't share my beliefs. They'll see the message from me, they'll see my work, and they'll actively reject it as leftist propaganda. This is America, so they have zero reason to listen to me. But I can talk to my white friends and wider audiences who are enlightened and inspired to then go have uncomfortable conversations with relatives and co-workers. So, I'm fortunate to be a part of that progress."

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