Werewolf By Night Ending Explained

Marvel's Werewolf By Night is now streaming on Disney+, offering the first full-fledged horror story that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has told. In the official Werewolf By Night review on the ComicBook Nation show, it was discussed how Marvel Studio took a short-story format approach for its first "Special Presentation" feature, dropping us into a major occult event (the death of Ulysses Bloodstone and passing of his power source, the Bloodstone) with little exposition to set the scene. Even so, Werewolf By Night manages to infer a great deal about what's happened in the Marvel Horror Cinematic Universe – and what's about to happen, after the events of Werewolf By Night


Werewolf By Night Ending Explained

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

The premise for Werewolf By Night is a group of seasoned monster hunters gathering for a ritual hunt: Each hunter enters an arena where a monster (the Man-Thing) has been fitted with the Bloodstone as a prize for the one who slays the beast. The contest is derailed by Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal), a monster hunter with a terrible secret: he's also a monster himself, a powerful werewolf who turns with every full moon. Jack came to the hunt in order free his friend can companion Ted Sallis, aka Man-Thing; although he manages to blow a wall out in the arena and get Ted free, Jack is captured by the rest of the hunters and Verussa Bloodstone (Harriet Sansom Harris), Ulysses' widow. 

The final act of Werewolf By Night sees Verussa use the Bloodstone to forcibly transform Jack into Werewolf By Night. It's a big mistake, as the werewolf's power is more than anyone imagined. The werewolf annhilates the monster hunter forces, but spares Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly), Ulysses' estranged daughter, who Jack bonds with. Jack eventually escapes, leaving Elsa to face Verussa wielding the Bloodstone. Verussa doesn't last long: Man-Thing returns for payback, and uses his secretions to burn the evil woman away to ash. Ted leaves Elsa alone in Bloodstone Manor with the Bloodstone and her family's inheritance. 

Werewolf By Night ends with Elsa Bloodstone now holding the power of the Bloodstone, which can give her enhanced strength, speed, durability, magical attacks and defenses and even prolonged life – powers which made her father the greatest monster hunter in the world. Due to Elsa being estranged from family and its legacy, there's no telling what she will do with the power she now wields. 

Meanwhile, Jack Russell and Ted "Man-Thing" Sallis reunite at a campsite, where Jack wakes up in his restored human form. Their conversation (and other dialogue in the feature) suggests the two have been monster hunters and companions on many previous adventures. The explosive device that Jack smuggled into the hunt also suggests the two monsters have another person (leader?) they also work with, who helped plan the Man-Thing rescue mission.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Werewolf By Night has introduced the idea of monsters who are the best monster hunters in the MCU. It's a notion that can easily evolve from here to include Blade, Ghost Rider, or even characters we've already met, like Moon Knight. Marvel fans have been wishing for a Midnight Sons team-up in the MCU – Werewolf By NIght makes it seem like the supernatural team may already be formed, and hard at work. 


Werewolf By Night is now streaming on Disney+.