Who Dies in The Rings of Power Finale?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power just had its finale and not everyone made it out alive. The Stranger ended up in a close call as the trio of mystics suspected him of being Sauron. Suspecting that he was in danger, Nori, Sadoc, Poppy, and Marigold tried to help out their taller friend. The Dweller, The Ascetic, and The Nomad concocted a plan to trap The Stranger by posing as Nori. However, its revealed that they don't want to kill him, instead, they want to serve him. The Stranger isn't Sauron though and those Harfoots came to the rescue. You won't see a more frantic plan to rescue someone than tossing rocks and hoping to lose the pursuers in the ensuing fervor. Unfortunately, Sadoc is injured during the battle and knows he's not long for this world. It's a somber moment for the Harfoots.

Sadoc tells his friends that he would rather watch the sun rise one more time than moping about it. He dies peacefully surrounded by the entire group. The other Harfoots redoing the larger group along with The Stranger. (Who was revealed to be a wizard or an Istari! However it's unknown which one of the stories magic users The Stranger is in Lord of the Rings lore.) The Nomad, The Ascetic, and The Dweller get dealt with before this as the wizard banishes them to the darkness. It's a wild time.

Sauron Finally Gets Revealed

The finale also brought the revelation of who Sauron was in the cast. Viewers had been speculating for weeks about the big bad of Rings of Power, and now they have their answer. Halbrand is revealed to have been laying under our noses for a while and the Internet absolutely lost it at the revelation. Showrunner Patrick McKay spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about why they decided to shroud the villain's identity in mystery over the course of this season. In his mind, it just makes sense to build out that world first before we get to all of the bad guy's motivations. 

"It would be very tempting to make the first season of this show The Sauron Show, very villain-centric," McKay explained to the outlet. "But we wanted that level of evil and complexity of evil to emerge out of a world that you're invested in — not because evil is threatening it immediately. We wanted you to fall in love again with Middle-earth. We wanted you to understand and relate to the struggles that each of these characters are having before we test them in a way they've never been tested before."

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