'Wynonna Earp' Showrunner Teases What's Next for WayHaught in Season 3

At the end of season two, Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras told ComicBook.com that the "WayHaught" relationship -- Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught -- was "just getting started." As season three opens, that relationship is much further along -- which will come with new adorableness and new challenges alike.

Fans quickly glommed onto the chemistry between actresses Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Andras told us that she knew they would work as a couple the first time she saw them onscreen together.

"WayHaught are about a year into their adorable courtship, so the honeymoon period is over — though lord knows their chemistry isn't!" Andras told TVLine. "They're at a very genuine, honest, trusting place with one another, but they also feel more 'real.' They'll need each other more than ever this season as Waverly circles ever closer to the identity of her real father — and Nicole's disturbing past becomes present."

That is undoubtedly enticing for fans, who loved seein the pair come together at the end of last season after having been on the rocks for a few weeks.

"There's so much going on there, and they're playing so many emotions in a minute and thirty seconds, that I was like 'I think these two are going to be great together,'" Andras recalled of the pair's first scene together. "So we just gave them more and more to do, and the audience ate it up and fell in love with them. I like the idea that the canon romance of the show isn't necessarily the lead, especially a lead that isn't necessarily defined by romance. I think Wynonna Earp certainly has romantic interests and desires, but she's not going to be an easy woman to pin down, to say the least."

That is evidenced by the fact that both of the two major male leads in Wynonna Earp have been potential suitors for the title lead, but she has not settled down with either of them as yet.

Waverly and Nicole have been the most consistent relationship on the series and, as Andras noted, have become the romance fans talk about, with #Wayhaught often getting as much mileage on social media as the show's official hashtag during the show's airtime.


"Dom and Kat really deserve all the credit in the world for the humanity and complexity and strength that they have given those characters and that romance, and I'm confident in saying we're just getting started in terms of seeing what they can do," Andras said.

Wynonna Earp season three will debut on July 20 on SYFY.