Are the 'X-Files' Season 11 Opening Credits Teasing a Major Plot Twist?

The X-Files season 11 premiere "My Struggle III" throws some major twists into the franchise's history, while setting up an exciting series of new events to come. One of the biggest twists fans got thrown at them was the initial reveal that the events of X-Files season 10 were all a vision in Dana Scully's head!

While there's going to be a lot of fans upset over the fact that they basically sat through a meaningless (and lackluster) tenth season, we shouldn't be quick to rush into angry backlash: The X-Files may be tossing out a major red herring.

There's been evidence of this in the initial trailers, where we see Mulder floating the idea that they're seeing evidence of a parallel universe at work, and growing theory gets an evidence boost from a small but important change to The X-Files opening credits:

X-Files Season 11 Premiere Alternate Opening Credits

As you can see, the "I Want to Believe" tagline fades out to reveal the message "I want to lie." It could be a jab at the current modern era of "alternative facts" the show is returning to, but it could also be a clue that everything we're seeing in "My Struggle III" may not be what it seems.

If The X-Files has gone full Fringe with a storyline playing out in two different timelines, then question of which one is the valid and "real" one will need to be answered. "My Struggle III" could be revealed to take place in an alternate reality where the full events of the X-Files series played out differently, meaning that the big twists thrown at fans in the season 11 premiere could ultimately be relegated to being part of the alternate (read: non-canon) timeline.


That would allow for indulgences like validating the long-standing theory of the Cigarette Smoking Man being Mulder's father, while still leaving room for the "real continuity" to pursue "truths" that aren't so convenient. After only one episode it's hard to confirm either way - but we know the fans will be dropping new waves of theory, as soon as the premiere is done.

The X-Files season 11 will air Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.