WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title Match Confirmed for Hell In A Cell

Five days before Hell In A Cell, we finally found out which SmackDown team will get a chance to challenge The New Day for their tag team championships at the PPV.

The three week, six-team number one contenders tournament concluded this week on SmackDown with Rusev and Cesaro (The Bar) taking on Rusev and Aiden English for the chance to move on to the championship match at Hell In A Cell.

Whiskey aficionado Aiden English came out, serenading the crowd about Rusev during the entrances as he usually does. The pair were accompanied by Lana, as well. We then promptly went to a commercial just as the match began because of course we did. At least WWE's SmackDown split-screen presentation allowed fans to see the early portion of the match as we were serenaded to the sounds of Red Lobster, All detergent, and Allegra-D.

When we returned to live action, Sheamus and Cesaro were on offense with the duo taking turns working over Rusev on their end of the ring. The transition came with a hot tag to Aiden English to turn the tide. It didn't long for Rusev to get involved again as well, sending his teammate over the top rope to the outside on to both opponents in a big spot. English followed that up with a big DDT in the ring for a near count on Sheamus.

It didn't take long for the tide to turn back and Sheamus and Cesaro again had cut the ring in half, this time working over English as we went to a second commercial break. It's really hard to get invested in a match with this many breaks. Have I mentioned this was the second commercial in about five minutes of in-ring action?

English was still being worked over by Sheamus as we returned to action, but he dodged a running shoulder from Sheamus not long after. Rusev got the hot tag as Cesaro was also tagged in. Rusev hit a big knee to the abdomen and kick for a near fall. Next, he locked in the Accolade as Cesaro tried to hang on. Sheamus broke it up and was promptly pushed to the outside by Rusev. Rusev charged in at Cesaro but ran into an uppercut. Sheamus was then tagged in as The Bar gave Rusev a Double DDT for another near fall.


Rusev continued to try to fight off both men but to no avail. However, he continued to kick out of pinfall attempts, much to Sheamus' dismay and frustration. He came in for the Brogue Kick, but English pushe dhim out of the way and took the kick for his partner. A stunned Sheamus was then hit with a Machka Kick and Rusev covered him for the pinfall.

Rusev and Aiden English will challenge The New Day for their championships this Sunday at Hell In A Cell.