Seth Rollins on Dean Ambrose Leaving WWE: 'It Breaks My Heart'

Barring a surprise, Dean Ambrose will leave WWE later this month. And Seth Rollins is sad about it.

WWE confirmed rumors of Ambrose' departure back in February and The Lunatic has seen his camera time diminish since the news broke. If he is included at WrestleMania 35, it will be in a limited role as his contract is set to expire sometime in April. No one is quite sure of the reasons for his exit and what he plans to do next, but in an interview with WWE, Seth Rollins wasn't afraid to get candid about the situation.

“It breaks my heart. I get it. I understand this place can be frustrating. He’s a guy who’s been doing it nonstop for 15, 16, 17 years. Sometimes you just need to step away and take care of yourself. I wish him luck in whatever he wants to do," he said.

There were a few rumors about Ambrose feeling suffocated by WWE creative process, so much so that he reportedly turned down a handsome multi-year deal.

“I know how he feels about his creativity. Sometimes when it pulls him in a different direction, that’s just how he’s gotta be. I never imagined the three of us working anywhere else or not being here at the same time" said Rollins.

Ambrose appeared to wave goodbye to the WWE Universe on Raw this week, but his immediate future remains murky. Some have been hoping that his quitting WWE was a publicity stunt, but given his non-usage, in recent weeks it looks like Ambrose is indeed gone.


However, no one seems to be thinking he'll join up with another wrestling promotion. While AE may certainly call, it appears Ambrose is more burnt out than anything. On a recent episode of Heated Conversations, Booker T echoed this idea.

"I think Dean Ambrose really needs some time off," Booker said. "This job can become very, very stressful. You can become very, very depressed doing this job. It can definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride because, a lot of times, - he's lucky, Dean Ambrose is lucky that he's married to someone in the business. I know that's one of the reasons that I was willing to walk away from this company that I love so much. I was willing to walk away from it because when Sharmell and I got married, being on the road was no fun at all. And then when she came on the road with me, as King Booker, it relieved a lot of that pressure I was under."