Watch: Shawn Spears Explains Why He Attacked Cody Rhodes, Recruits Tully Blanchard Ahead of AEW All Out

AEW released the first episode of the Road to All Out series on their official YouTube channel on Wednesday night, feauting the long-awaited interview between Jim Ross and Shawn Spears.

Spears, formerly known as Tye Dillinger from his time in WWE, was asked why he attacked Cody Rhodes with a steel chair back at Fyter Fest. As he has hinted on social media, what drove Spears to attack was Rhodes' comment after the announcement that Spears had signed a full-time AEW contract, calling him a "good hand."

"There's certain things that people, in regular life, you're not supposed to do, you don't say publicly. You don't a woman the "c-word" you don't tell children that Santa Clause isn't real, right? In the wrestling industry there are certain terms, certain things you also don't say, especially within your core group. Cody cross a line, and I think you know what I'm talking about, right?"

"I've got a good idea," Ross said.

"He's changed," Spears continued. "He's put on a suit. Given himself a nice fancy vice president title and he's saying the same damn thing that they [WWE] have said for nearly eight and a half years. He's changed. You don't call someone a good hand,' JR.

"It's a curse of the industry to be called a good hand, you know this. Forty years [in the wrestling business] you know this, you understand what I'm talking about," he continued. "He should know better, JR. Clearly he forgot, and that's why I wrapped a steel chair around his face at Fyter Fest."

Spears then confirmed what had already been stated by AEW president Tony Khan — Spears vs. Rhodes at All Out on Aug. 31 at the Sears Centre. He then pulled a surprise.


"I just so happen to have an ace up my sleeve, JR," he said. The greatest battles and wars in history weren't won with the biggest weapons or the strongest soldiers, they were won with the greatest minds."

Suddenly WWE Hall of Famer Tully Blanchard walked into the frame. He shook Spears' hand, whispered in his ear and told JR that the interview was over.