Adam Cole Defeats Pete Dunne to Retain NXT Title at Survivor Series

One night after taking an absolutely brutal fall at NXT TakeOver War Games, Adam Cole was in [...]

One night after taking an absolutely brutal fall at NXT TakeOver War Games, Adam Cole was in action once again at Survivor Series. This time, he was defending the NXT Championship against Pete Dunne, who defeated Damien Priest and Killian Dain at TakeOver for a title shot.

Cole sold his injuries throughout the match, as his midsection was wrapped in tape. Dunne also was selling injury, with his left knee taped out.

Cole tried to fight off his opponent, but Dunne dominated the early portion of the match. He got the crowd into it with a moonsault off the second rope to the outside on to Cole.

Moments later, he tried to hit one in the ring but Cole dodged it. Cole then ran in with the Last Shot knee strike but Dunne kicked out. He continued to hit offense, but Dunne stayed alive.

Cole went for another Last Shot but Dunne dodged it and tried to lock in an arm bar but Cole reversed it into a pinfall attempt. Dunne then hit the Bitter End for a near fall.

They exchanged right hands, then Dunne hit several overhand strikes. Cole hit some kicks, including to Dunne as he came off the ropes with a moonsault for a near fall in an eye-popping moment.

Dunne fought back with some offense but Cole kept fighting back with kicks to Dunne's injured leg. Cold then went for a slam on the ring apron but couldn't lift his opponent due to his injured midsection. Dunne then failed to lift Cole because of his injured knee. Eventually, Cole hit a Panama Sunrise on the ring apron as the crowd went crazy.

Dunne barely beat the count into the ring but ran into a superkick. Dunne's mouth piece was knocked out and as he went to pick it up, Cole put his foot over it. Dunne then attempted to hit his pump handle slam, but Cole reversed it and hit Panama Sunrise for the pinfall.