AEW's Adam Cole Teases Feud Between The Elite and Bullet Club

A war of factions between All Elite Wrestling's The Elite and New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Bullet Club could be one of the biggest storylines in all of pro wrestling. Over the past year there have been plenty of teases for it — Tama Tonga's comments about the group's former members, Jay White showing up in Impact to tell Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows they're not allowed back in Bullet Club, Kenta popping up in AEW but rebuking Kenny Omega's offer for an alliance — but for one reason or another the two companies haven't fully pulled the trigger on the idea yet. 

But in a new interview with the Asbury Park Press ahead of his in-ring debut on this week's AEW Dynamite, Adam Cole talked about that feud finally happening in the near future. Cole was introduced to the group back in May 2016 but was kicked out one year later by Omega after he attempted a power grab and tried to kick The Young Bucks out of the faction while the three were in Ring of Honor. 

"I think there's been tension with the Bullet Club over in Japan and the Elite here in AEW," Cole said. "The history kind of speaks for itself, seeing the tension between the two teams and the two groups. So, 'unfinished business' I think would be an understatement. I think it's very possible that at some point, me and the Elite are going to have to take care of some business."


Cole's departure from Bullet Club came days before he left Ring of Honor for the WWE, where he competed from mid-2017 up until last month. During Cole's absence, The Elite officially departed from Bullet Club to continue as their own faction. Bullet Club's major members currently include White, Kenta, The Guerrillas of Destiny, Chris Bey, Gedo, Taiji Ishimori, El Phantasmo and House of Torture. The Elite now consists of Omega, The Bucks, The Good Brothers and Cole. The latest edition of Being The Elite saw Cole catching up on everything that had happened in the past four years, including Hangman Page and Cody Rhodes' departures from the group.