Cody Rhodes on What AEW Dynamites Ratings Would Be if NXT Left Wednesdays

When it came to viewership and the 18-49 target demo ratings, AEW Dynamite thoroughly trounced NXT in its first year of going head-to-head with WWE's Black & Gold Brand. And thanks to the NBA and NHL playoffs, fans were given a glimpse at what those numbers would look like if the two shows weren't directly competing with each other from mid-August to early September. During that time Dynamite was able to break one million viewers for the Sept. 9 episode, something it hadn't been able to do since its first three weeks on TNT. In a new interview with ABC News this week, AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes pondered over how high AEW's numbers could get if WWE wasn't opposing them on Wednesdays.

"When you hit that million mark, and even on the nights where the average might be in the eights or nines, there are segments that go over a million and it certainly begets the question: What would this be like unopposed?" Rhodes said. "But opposed, it's doing just so damn fine. I think we have a good indicator. We've seen what it looks like. But competition is not something we're shying away from by any means. Wednesday night is our home."

Back in early September reports started popping up that the USA Network and WWE might consider moving NXT to another night. However, Triple H publicly shot down the idea.

"I'm happy with where we are. There's conversations around all of our product at all times, the best for it to sit, best place for it to work, all of that. Funny thing, I don't hear anybody else asking about people moving on Wednesdays since we were always on Wednesdays. ... It's not like every other channel has free air. It comes down to a question of where the show best sits, not only for us but for our partners and wherever they want to go to.

"We're open to doing the best business we can, but it's not just a simple a decision as 'It's our decision and we just put the show where we want to put it.' Those decisions are made by partners and everything else along the way," he added.