Dustin Rhodes Says He Was Embarrassed by the Viral Punching Botch From AEW Dynamite

By now you've probably seen the viral botch video from this week's AEW Dynamite. For those who missed it, The Dark Order closed out the show by sending more than a dozen of the groups masked goons (also known as Creepers) into the ring to attack The Young Bucks, SCU, Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and Kenny Omega. And while the show closed out on Evil Uno and Grayson standing victorious over everyone else, the thing that caught fans' attention online was a small clip from the attack that showed one Creeper hopelessly missing his punches as he attacked Dustin.

The spot was utterly blasted by AEW critics and WWE wrestlers, most notably Randy Orton. Rhodes took to Twitter to initially state he was embarrassed by the situation.

"It's almost 2020, and I am embarrassed at what I just saw in the great business that I still protect to this day," Rhodes said. "Please learn how to punch. Or, better yet, come to my class that I hold weekly and I will teach you."

The indie wrestler under the mask eventually came forward, causing Rhodes to delete his initial tweet.

Along with that botch going viral, this marked the first week NXT had outright beaten AEW in both ratings and viewership since the two shows started going head-to-head back on Oct. 2.

Over the weekend both Matt and Nick Jackson chose to leave Twitter. Their father, Matthew Lee Massie (aka Papa Buck) explained that it was because of the toxicity on the social media network.


Thx for all the love We are getting from everyone wondering about Matt and Nick ! They are fine and just need a well deserved break from the toxicity on here!" Massie wrote. "They are the most sweetest most genuine guys ever! They don't deserve the hate they get!

"We suggested a hiatus to clear their minds !," he added. "They give 110% of their blood sweat and tears ! To the point of pure exhaustion they've got nothing else to give ! Haters gonna hate and always gonna find something!"