AEW Dynamite's Ending Changes When You See What Happened After Cameras Stopped Rolling

AEW Dynamite ended this week with the tease of Hangman Page and The Elite reigniting their years-long storyline. Their original program ended back at Full Gear 2021 when Page dethroned Kenny Omega of the AEW World Championship as The Young Bucks looked on. Hints of the four finally reuniting have been dropped in various promos and episodes of Being The Elite, but this was the first time since last year's All Out that there was finally some onscreen story progression. The show's main event saw The House of Black retain their AEW World Trios Championships in a three-team match, only for the brawl between Blackpool Combat Club and The Dark Order to spill out into the ring after the champs disappeared. 

The final moments saw Hangman alone in the ring while Omega and the Bucks stood behind him. The feed cut out just as Page was turning around to see his old friends. While fans quickly started celebrating a potential reunion online, things don't look as positive once you see what happens after the cameras stopped rolling. Omega quickly leaves the ring, clearly wanting nothing to do with his former tag partner and rival. The Bucks appear to be a bit more apprehensive before leaving as well. 

Omega, a Winnipeg native, then cut a promo for his hometown crowd (h/t Fightful) — "I suppose if there's one thing that tonight has taught me, it's to never forget where you came from. Family is family, home is where the heart is. You can always choose your friends. One lesson I've learned as well, I've supposed it's that if you've loved before, it's possible to possibly love again. Today, wow. What a success. Everything you see before you, this was nothing but a pipe dream. I was happy wrestling (in various places all around Canada). Then of course we have this little shindig. Stop me if you've heard this before. I think it was from a famous movie or something. If you build it, they will come. Boy, oh boy, did you guys come down for a show tonight."

There's plenty of speculation about Omega and The Bucks' futures in AEW. The Bucks played into that with their latest Twitter bio, which can be read as them either preparing to leave AEW or looking to finally mend fences with Page. What do you think is next for the four? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!