Jim Ross Fights Back Against Critics of His AEW Dynamite Commentary

Throughout his decades of commentary work for companies like WWE, WCW, New Japan and now AEW, Jim [...]

Throughout his decades of commentary work for companies like WWE, WCW, New Japan and now AEW, Jim Ross has established himself as one of the greatest pro wrestling commentators of all time. However his work with All Elite Wrestling over the past year has not come without some criticism, with fans calling him out for not knowing certain terms or getting the pronunciation wrong for certain wrestlers' names. Ross took the time during the latest episode of his Grillin' JR podcast this week to fight back against those critics, saying that he was still working hard to improve and has no intention of leaving his position anytime soon.

You know, there's a young audience that that's criticizing my work and I don't have a problem with anybody criticizing my work. Everybody's opinions as good as the next guy," Ross said (h/t Fightful for transcript)

"When you work your ass off for 40 effing years, in the business that you love and you're still trying to do it... it's a little disheartening when people that don't know your work or know how hard it is to do this work are cutting and coring you, it's just not a fun thing," he added. "But I've got to get past that. I'm too damned old to worry about it. And I can only do my best. If you don't like my work, folks, don't listen to it. That's all I can tell you. Move to God damn television. Hell, I don't what you're gonna say, 'cause I ain't quittin', I ain't retiring and I'm not going to leave my spot. And I think most people agree that's the way to do it."

Ross spoke with ComicBook.com on Wednesday and said he intends on reinventing himself at the AEW commentary table alongside Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

"I'm living every minute because I want to reinvent myself. I want to reinvent. I've done that before in my lifetime. I've taught different types of wrestling, different styles, and now I'm back doing another different style," Ross said. "And I want to reinvent. It's what Chris Jericho has done. For us guys who've been around the block a couple times, you got to keep letting yourself do as best you can."

This week's AEW Dynamite will feature Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin, Private Party vs. Santana & Ortiz, Nick Jackson (in a rare singles match) vs. Rey Fenix and a 12-man Dynamite Dozen battle royale.