Is Erick Rowan Signing With AEW?

Erick Redbeard (real name Joseph Ruud, better known as Erick Rowan) made a surprise appearance on [...]

Erick Redbeard (real name Joseph Ruud, better known as Erick Rowan) made a surprise appearance on the final 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite last month during the Brodie Lee tribute show. Redbeard assisted various members of The Dark Order in winning a six-man tag match, then held up a sign towards the camera that read, "Goodbye for now my brother. See you down the road." The scene was incredibly emotional for the wrestlers in the ring and fans watching at home given how close Lee and Redbeard were after working together as a tag team for nearly 10 years.

Redbeard hasn't appeared on any AEW programming since, leading fans to wonder whether or not his cameo was a one-time appearance or a sign that he'd be with the Jacksonville-based promotion soon. Tony Schiavone was asked about that during the post-show for this week's Dynamite.

"I believe Erick's appearance only came on that tribute show to his former tag team partner," he said (h/t Wrestling Inc.). "Then again, I say that but who knows? He might show up tomorrow."

Rowan was one of the many wrestlers released by WWE back on April 15, 2020. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Of the dozens of tributes dedicated to Lee following his tragic passing, Rowan had one of the most emotional on Instagram.

"Heartbroken and numb. Just when I think my eyes have dried, I think of you and begin to cry again," Rowan wrote. "I have lost not only a friend but a brother! I struggled last night with many emotions and memories. Jon meant more to me than he will ever know. I remember clearly all the loops we had during our years on the road together. He would always look forward to getting home to his family. After every loop he would say to me, "Goodbye Forever", because he would want his 1 or two days with them, to feel like forever. One thing he taught me through his own actions was to be a better father and husband. He was one of a kind in everything he did, great performer, great father, great husband, great friend, and all around amazing human. My heart goes out to everyone who was touched by his greatness. My deepest condolences to his family. Jon this is not, "Goodbye forever, but goodbye for now! I will see you on the otherside my brother. I LOVE YOU!"