AEW Full Gear: MJF Defeats Chris Jericho, Joins Inner Circle

After weeks of build that even included a musical segment, MJF and Chris Jericho met Saturday night at AEW Full Gear in the semi-main event slot. It got off to a memorable start, with MJF spoofing Jericho's old entrance when he came out, complete with his arms outstretched with flashing lights at the top of the ramp. Jericho got a big reaction as usual from the limited crowd in attendance at Daily's Place as they sang along to "Judas."

MJF and Jericho traded position early, but things really kicked into gear when Jericho used a top rope hurricanrana midway through the bout, sending MJF to the mat below. With the announcers selling that this was Jericho's 30th year in pro wrestling, it was a remarkable display of agility for a man his age.

Moments later, he went for a superplex off the top but MJF threw him off to the mat. MJF then came off with double stomps to Jericho's hands and wrenched Jericho's arm, sending him into the corner. The two exchanged forearms in the middle of the ring, with Jericho only using his left arm after MJF had been working over his right. MJF then locked in an arm lock on Jericho's right arm.

Jericho was able to reverse that arm lock into a Walls of Jericho and sat back. MJF screamed in pain and tried to power out, eventually crawling to the ropes for a break. Moments later, MJF took advantage and hit a Heat Seaker from the ropes for a near fall.

MJF went for a lionsault but Jericho dodged and hit a Codebreaker for a near fall. MJF surprised with a small package attempt for a near fall. Jericho countered by coming back with a Judas Effect but MJF countered into an armbar. Jericho reached the ropes for a break.


The ref chcked on Jericoh's hurt arm and Wardlow ran out and gave MJF the diamond ring. Jericho dodged his punch and hit a punch. Jake Hager then tossed a bat to Jericho who prepared to hit him. Wardlow was distracting referee Aubrey at this point but MJF fell to the mat sarcastically as she turned around and noticed Jericho holding the bat. As he pleaded his case, MJF came up and rolled him up for the pinfall.

With the victory, MJF and Wardlow are now part of the Inner Circle. After the bout, Jericho and MJF shook hands.