AEW's Jade Cargill Retains TBS Championship and Celebrates 30 Win Milestone on Rampage

Tonight's AEW Rampage main event was a match for the TBS Championship between Champion Jade Cargill and Marina Shafir, and while Cargill wasn't sweating it at all, Shafir was all business. Shafir was out first, and currently is ranked #2 in the Women's Division thanks to her 6 and 0 record. Cargill was out next, and currently sits at an impressive 29 and 0, and Cargill and the Baddies were hoping to celebrate win #30. Shafir got right in Cargill's face and then she taunted a bit but Shafir kicked her in the hamstring. She did it again and then jumped on Cargill's back only to get slammed down.

Shafir went for another kick but Cargill tripped her and then caught a running charge and slammed Shafir down and got back to her feet. She then slammed into Shafir and sent her over the ropes and to the floor. Cargill slammed Shafir into the barricade and The Baddies then threw popcorn on her and all teamed up with punches and chops while the referee was distracted.

Shafir rolled Cargill into the ring but then got stomped several times. Cargill taunted a bit and then slammed into her with a Back Elbow and then slammed Shafir down into a pin attempt but Shafir kicked out. Cargill then threw several punches and taunted a bit but Shafir grabbed her leg and kicked her hamstrings again. She hit another kick on Cargill's leg and locked in a hold. Shafir went for a Guillotine but Cargill picked her up and slammed her down into a cover but Shafir kicked out.

Cargill then taunted a bit more with pushups and then kicked Shafir in the corner. Cargill then locked in a hold and dug into Shafir's ribs with punches. She kept targeting the ribs and kept Shafir grounded, and then she threw Shafir across the mat into a cover, but Shafir kicked out. Cargill was looking frustrated, and she duplexed Shafir and followed it up with a second one before jumping to her feet.

Cargill addressed the crowd a bit more and then stomped on Shafir before locking in another hold, where she kept targeting the ribs. Shafir flipped her over and hit a back kick to the middle of Cargill's back. Then Shafir swept underneath and targeted the leg and knee of Cargill. She then got the Ankle Lock almost locked in and then transitioned into a Knee Bar. Cargill crawled to the ropes and Shafir had to let go.

Shafir then slammed Cargill's leg around the ring post and then kicked her in the back of the leg to do even more damage. Then Shafir flipped Sterling on his back to the floor. Shafir kicked Cargill twice in the back of the leg and then broke up the count. Shafir taunted The Baddies a bit but that let Cargill hit a Punt Kick to the head of Shafir and slam her into the ring apron twice.

Cargill broke the count and then lifted Shafir and slammed her into the table, breaking it. She rolled her back into the ring and then got some support from her crew. She taunted and posed with the cover but Shafir almost got the Ankle Lock in but switched to a Calf Slicer but despite stomps from Cargill she wouldn't let go. More stomps to Shafir followed but she kept the lock on. She finally released and Cargill picked her up and hit the Jaded, and that was enough for the pin and the win.

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