Jon Moxley Delivers His First Comments After Squashing CM Punk to Become Undisputed AEW World Champion

Jon Moxley squashed CM Punk in shocking fashion on this week's AEW Dynamite and became the Undisputed AEW World Champion after holding the interim championship for the past two months. The bout clocked in at just under three minutes as Punk seemed to reaggravate his surgically-repaired foot after hitting Moxley with a kick to the head. Moxley capitalized with a pair of Death Riders to score the victory. 

Moxley appeared on Cincy 360 on Thursday afternoon and addressed what happened — "I don't get paid by the hour. Belts come and go, I'll lose this one at some point, somebody will beat me, I'll get back on the horse and get another one. I'm not gonna quit for seven years or feel sorry for myself. That's not how these things go. The win last night felt good, all this stuff is what you make it. If they say 'you're interim champion, no matter how hard you work, you're not the real champion.' It felt obvious it would be leading to a confrontation with me and CM Punk. It was an inevitable collision that happened last night. 

"I knew the minute I walked into Forbidden Door, I was going to work with him at some point. If you get mad about that [being Interim Champion] and bring negativity, your performance gets affected," he continued. "If you use that as fuel and 'you want to call me an interim champion, take it and shove it up your ass. Having that chip on my shoulder and using it as fuel, that's what I've been doing the last several months coming to the ring and defending the belt. I showed what that mentality and energy can do when I showed up last night and beat the brakes off that bastard."

The big question now is what happens with the main event of the All Out pay-per-view on Sept. 4. Dave Meltzer is currently reporting that a Punk vs. Moxley rematch is the plan, but Moxley said he wasn't sure what is going to happen.

"That was some business I had to take care of and now the train rolls on," Moxley said. "If I knew, I wouldn't tell you. When I say anybody, anytime, any place, I'm at a Flying J outside of Columbus, if somebody wants to throw down in the parking lot, let's do it. When I say that, I'm talking seriously. I got out and do stuff that people talk about. I'm what everyone pretends to be. All these guys sitting at home tweeting about what they should be doing, meanwhile, I'm at an indie show in front of 400 people, stapling dollar bills to foreheads. Now I get to walk into Chicago, his [Punk's] hometown, and we'll see how the story unfolds from here."

h/t Fightful