Kenny Omega Calls out WWE After Booking Show Same Day as Fight For The Fallen

AEW star Kenny Omega took to Twitter on Wednesday with some harsh words directed at the WWE.

On Wednesday Triple H announced that for the first time since WWE partnered with the Evolve Wrestling promotion in 2015, the company will air the EVOLVE 131 event live on the WWE Network on 8 p.m. ET on July 13. That just so happens to be the same date and time as AEW's free Fight for the Fallen event in Jacksonville, Florida on the B/R Live network.

While that might seem like healthy competition at first, Omega took issue with the decision from WWE given that a portion of Fight for the Fallen's proceeds will be donated to victims of gun violence. In a since-deleted tweet, Omega accused WWE of trying to "undermine" AEW's attempts at charity.

"If lining your pockets with blood money is okay, then what's wrong with trying to undermine a charity show for victims of gun violence?" Omega wrote. "I hear that healthy competition is supposed to be a good thing and yet I can't help but feel like I'm gonna be sick."

By "blood money" Omega was likely referring to WWE's controversial deal with the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority that brought about events like the Greatest Royal Rumble, Crown Jewel and Superstar Showdown. He deleted the tweet roughly 30 minutes later, then posted a follow-up.

"I've said my piece and it opened the door to a very toxic environment," Omega wrote. "It wasn't a message to fans, or the boys, just the decision makers. I wish everyone wrestling on any show that day all the best. That is all."

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion signed a four-year contract with AEW after having contract talks with both AEW and WWE. He stated in an interview shortly after signing with Wrestling Observer that he held no ill-will towards Vince McMahon's company.


"The most surprising thing to me was just how accommodating and how cool it was to discuss, you know, future with WWE," Omega said. "I didn't think they'd ever be in the running. I was like 'yeah, I'll hear you guys out' but I didn't think it'd be good because everyone was telling me, well, what to expect. I have nothing but great things to say about them."

Photo: AEW/James Musselwhite