Kenny Omega Hints at What's In Store for AEW Games' First Event

AEW Games, the division of All Elite Wrestling that centers around video games, will host its first presentation on its YouTube Channel at 6 p.m. EST on Tuesday afternoon. Little is known about the event going in, though many fans assume AEW will confirm the existence of its first console game given how its higher-ups have been teasing one for nearly a year. Kenny Omega, one of AEW's executive vice presidents who has been credited with helping create the game, teased what's in store on his Twitter on Monday evening.

A little nervous, but it's almost time to let loose a little bit of info," Omega wrote.

AEW president Tony Khan confirmed in the post-show media scrum for Full Gear on Saturday that the company is working on two games, one of which will center around working as AEW's general manager similar to the "GM Mode" from early installments in WWE's SmackDown vs. Raw franchise.

"I can't say too much," Khan said. "We're making multiple games. We're working on more than one game in AEW Games and we're going to cater to different platforms. We're going to cater to different kinds of games and different interests. I think we'll put a title out, a console game that's best in class [for a] console game. We're really excited about it. We have some big surprises to come in 2020. I just can't say enough, there's still time in 2020. The show was great but there is still going to be a lot to come this year. That can impact our video game plans.


"And also, we're going to put something out for those people, like myself, that love putting wrestling cards up together and it allows somebody to do the job I do, be the general manager of AEW and book cards," he added. "That'll be fun. There's going to be a few different titles and then I don't think we're going to stop anywhere either. I think we're going to expand here at AEW Games because it's a great chance to build AEW, introduce gaming fans to AEW and introduce AEW to gaming fans, expand and build a business. There's a lot to come there, for sure."

Stay tuned for full updates from the AEW Games presentation later this afternoon!