Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks on AEW Fans Being Angry About All Out's Main Event

Heading into last week's AEW Dynamite, it looked like the company was setting up an AEW World Championship match between Kenny Omega and Hangman Page at All Out this coming September. The match would have been the culmination of a storyline as old as the company itself and would have potentially seen Page (one of the company's most popular homegrown stars) dethrone "The Belt Collector" and become world champion. But hopes of that match were dashed when Omega and the rest of The Elite defeated Page and The Dark Order in a 10-man tag match. Per the match's stipulations, Page is no longer the No. 1 contender and All Out is less than a month away.

Obviously, this could all be part of a storyline where the match still ends up happening in Chicago. But in the days that followed multiple reports dropped stating that while Omega vs. Page was the initial plan for All Out, it's not anymore. Dave Meltzer reported via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, "At one point, it was the plan, but plans change." Meltzer doubled down over the weekend, saying Page isn't even on the All Out card as of now. This led to some fans voicing their disappointment online

Omega and The Young Bucks decided to play into that fan frustration (they're playing up their heel roles on the series), starting this week's Being The Elite off by saying they don't feel bad at all for taking the match away.

"For the fans that we used to love, for the business that we love. We took something away from them," Nick Jackson pointed out."

"Highway robbery," Omega added.

"They wanted a main event," Matt said.

"You think they wanted a main event for the pay-per-view?" Omega jokingly asked. "You think they wanted belts defended at that pay-per-view? We took it away, right off the table."


"Do you think maybe, you guys feel bad?" Omega said as all three turned to the camera. "Nope!"

What do you think the main event of All Out will wind up being? Which one of Omega's world championships do you think he drops first? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!