AEW/Street Fighter Crossover Continues as Jon Moxley Fights Guile

The world of wrestling has seen some amazing crossovers over the years, with the likes of Robocop, [...]

The world of wrestling has seen some amazing crossovers over the years, with the likes of Robocop, the killer doll Chucky, and countless celebrities diving into the squared circle, but AEW as decided to dive into the world of video games with merchandise that pits their wrestlers against the brawlers in Capcom's Street Fighter franchise. The previous crossover merchandise saw female superstar Hikaru Shida battling against Cammy, the world warrior who first appeared during Street Fighter 2 and has a dark history with the leader of Shadaloo M. Bison.

All Elite Wrestling is getting ready not just to enter the world of video games via this insane crossover, but also with an upcoming video game of its own that will be developed by the legendary Yuke's, a developer that has sharpened its teeth on countless wrestling games from the world of WWE and many others. AEW's popularity has been on a rocket ship these past few years, quickly becoming a worthy rival to the premier wrestling organization in the WWE, while also adding former superstars that were released by World Wrestling Entertainment in the past few years. When the AEW video game eventually lands, it will be interesting to see how it stacks up to the other wrestling games across numerous generations of consoles.

AEW revealed the latest crossover between the wrestling organization and Capcom's premiere fighting game, pitting Jon Moxley against the United States Commando that relies on sonic booms and flash kicks to fight against the other world warriors:

For Capcom's number one fighting game, there hasn't been news about the franchise returning with a new installment, with the latest video game in the series being Street Fighter V. Street Fighter itself has been involved in plenty of crossovers outside of the recent brawl against All Elite Wrestling, having fought against the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, the other video game fighters from SNK, and countless other characters that fill out Capcom's library of oddballs.

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